First of all, we have already learnt how does internet work exactly from previous article. What is the next topic that is getting closer to web programming ? Obviously, you will understand from the title of this article that we will learn how do the web pages work ? The most important part before becoming a web developer, is that we should have a knowledge about different topics which are related to integrity of the main topic. This is why we will take look closer to the process of web pages work before coding something.

We all know that we need a browser to see web pages, don’t we? And this browser can be Chrome, Safari, Firefox etc . Those are all pieces of software that allow us to look up the IP address of our website and able us to receive data that it can render into beautiful websites that we can see. Now, the data that we receive from the server usually consists of three types of files(components). These are HTML, CSS, and JavaScript in order. And you would most likely have come across those types of files or those words before, because they are so common and there are so integral for how websites work. I attached the summary of the these 3 types of components and reflected them in the real world at the last table’s row in order to show what they are doing. After that, the following articles will dive us into more details of components, one by one.