Well. Hi to everyone! Before starting to explain the topic I would like to introduce myself. I am Mustafa Batuhan Bayoglu and I am studying Computer Engineering as 3rd grade at Osmangazi University. Moreover, I would like to mentioned that I am always eager to share new knowledge to people as much as I can. Okay than let’s get start.

First of all , Where should we start ? Should we get begin with coding directly? or Should We Cover Fundamentals of Web Programming? Of course the second choice makes more sense than the first, isn’t it ? So , What are the fundamentals of Web Programming? To begin, we should wonder how does internet work? A lot of people are thinking that internet is like a cloud , something that is hanging around in the sky. It is really complex and difficult to understand, but actually it is not a cloud at all.

Let me explain with and example that includes two steps. For instance, you are sitting on your seat and typing www.google.com on your browser. When you clicked on the search button or press the enter key , the device that you are using is sending a request to an Internet Server Provider (ISP is the general name given to companies that provide internet connection for personal users or workplaces for any fee such as Turk Telekom). After this, the Internet Server Provider relay a request to the Domain Name Server. You can think that DNS is essentially just a souped up phonebook. Then, the DNS server will look up in its database to know what is the exact IP address of that website that you are trying to access. And once the DNS server finds the IP address, it sends it back to your browser. So now, you know the exact address where you can find the Google homepage. Therefore we finished the first step process. You can see bellow the details of the different steps by order. It will help you to understand more easily.

Afterward, the second step is going to get started. The next thing that happens, is that the browser will send a direct request to that address through your internet service provider. And this message will be delivered by the internet backbone. Bellow you can see all of the underwater cables that are powering the internet and spreading around the world thanks to submarinecablemap.com.

Cable repairing which is one of the backbone cable in the ocean

Via backbone, the message will head over to the server that is located at the address . The computer that is located at that address is obviously the Google server. On the server there is all the files, such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript, that we need in order to see the Google homepage. Then, the server sends back all of those files through the internet backbone and we can see the Google homepage on the browser! I attached the details of second step by order bellow as well.

In conclusion the internet is made up of a huge sprawling masses of wires connecting all of the world’s internet users.

Studying Computer Engineer at Osmangazi University. I have been selected Cluj Tecnical University which is 3rd ranked university in Romania for 2nd grade.