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Now the problem really comes along when we start messing around with the layout using just HTML because as we have said in order to change our layout for our web site so that we can have text and images that exist side by side. At this point we have to use tables. And the problem with tables is that they are wordy. We have to write a lot of code in order to do something very simple which is displaying that image next to your h1 and your paragraphs, having it on the same horizontal level.

Moreover, If you…

What you use as your browser doesn’t matter; it could be Chrome, Safari, or Firefox. They all have a single purpose, and that’s to interpret your files, such as your HTML files, CSS files, JavaScript files into a website that should be displayed. It’s important to remember that HTML is the foundation of all websites. Additionally, you won’t see websites created using just a CSS file or just a JavaScript file, but you can create websites using just an HTML file. To prove that, you can head to …


Class Selector

In this article I want to mention other things that you can use as selectors in order to make more specific changes to our web site by using CSS . We have been using tag selectors since we begin to use Internal and External CSS in our projects. For instance, We have 2 different images and we would like to have different background color. If we would use tag selector for style our images, What would have happened? Obviously, Both of our images would have same background color, wouldn’t it ? Therefore , We will use .class selector…

The Anatomy of an HTML Tag

As we already have been repeated that HTML is the foundation of Websites and other components besides HTML are generally used to describe a web page’s appearance/presentation (CSS)or functionality/behaviour (JavaScript).On the other hand, as we already have been mentioned that HTML is the Mark-up Language to annotate text, images, hyperlinks and other contents for display in our Web browser. We should pay attention on this point again and again .That mark-up language includes special “elements” such as <head>…</head>, <body>…</body>, <footer>…</footer>,<h1> …</h1>,<br>, <a> and many others.

If you take look these elements more closer according to their syntax . You should…

First of all, we have already learnt how does internet work exactly from previous article. What is the next topic that is getting closer to web programming ? Obviously, you will understand from the title of this article that we will learn how do the web pages work ? The most important part before becoming a web developer, is that we should have a knowledge about different topics which are related to integrity of the main topic. This is why we will take look closer to the process of web pages work before coding something.

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We all know that we…

Well. Hi to everyone! Before starting to explain the topic I would like to introduce myself. I am Mustafa Batuhan Bayoglu and I am studying Computer Engineering as 3rd grade at Osmangazi University. Moreover, I would like to mentioned that I am always eager to share new knowledge to people as much as I can. Okay than let’s get start.

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First of all , Where should we start ? Should we get begin with coding directly? or Should We Cover Fundamentals of Web Programming? Of course the second choice makes more sense than the first, isn’t it ? So …

Mustafa Batuhan Bayoglu

Studying Computer Engineer at Osmangazi University. I have been selected Cluj Tecnical University which is 3rd ranked university in Romania for 2nd grade.

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